Monday, August 9, 2010

Do You Want a Firm Butt & Lean Legs?

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Want to know the best exercises to firm up your butt? Want the best
interval training programs to burn fat from your legs?

Good, because I've got them here for you today! All thanks to Women's
Health magazine contributor, Craig Ballantyne (he's also designed
workouts for Shape, Prevention, and Muscle n Fitness Hers).

Back in 2004 Craig created a program called "Booty for Life" for a
personal client. And while that program was awesome, he spent an
entire week last month improving the workouts AND adding a brand
new 4-week fat burning, butt-firming phase to the program...

...and he renamed it, "Booty for Wife (& all the single ladies!)".

Craig updated the original
program and added 3 new workouts & some booty-building exercises to
the plan, including:

- Lateral lunges
- 1-leg bodyweight deadlifts
- dumbbell lunges
- kettlebell swings
- dumbbell deep step-ups
- 1-leg bodyweight bench squats

Those go with all of the other booty exercises in the program,
including split squats, 1-leg hip extensions, regular step-ups, and
reverse lunges.

And Craig subbed in more bodyweight exercises so you don't need to
use dumbbells as much for the rest of the workouts. Some of the new
exercises you'll get are:

- Stability Ball Cross-Body Mountain Climber (great for abs/obliques)
- Close-Grip 3/4 Rep Pushups (awesome for sculpting your triceps)
- Stability Ball Pike (for hard-core abs)

Plus, you'll get SIX different fat burning interval training
programs, and interval training has been shown to reduce thigh fat
in research studies.

Whew. There's a lot in there for you, and to celebrate the re-release
of Booty for Wife, I've asked Craig to put together an amazing
special offer just for you.

You'll get all of these for free...

1) The TT Booty for Wife (& all the single ladies) 12-Week Program
2) The TT Female Bodysculpting 4-Week Workout
3) 30-Days in the TT Member's Website & Forum
4) The TT for Hot Chicks 4-Week Workout
5) The NEW "TT Bodyweight Cardio 3" Workout

...when you get your half-price copy of the Turbulence Training for
Fat Loss Program for only $19.95.

(That's $10 less than if you were to buy Booty for Wife on its own!)

So you could get Booty for Wife for $29.95 or you could get Booty
for Wife plus Turbulence Training plus all of those other bonuses
all for only $19.95.

I think that's an easy choice, don't you?

Click below to get this amazing special offer today:

Plenty of time to sculpt that booty before you hit the beach on your
next holiday.

By the way, just listen to this incredible feedback on the program:

"I just finished section 2 of the Booty for Wife series. I feel
strong and super fit and I've gotten so many compliments lately
that I know it has to be the program! I start the 3rd section
tomorrow and it looks tough and I can't wait. I know that in 4
weeks I'm going to be amazed at myself. And, I am so looking
forward to doing the chin ups. I hoping I can do at least one to
start and by 4 weeks I want to be doing 5 or more. This is a really
great 3 month program and if you haven't tried it you really
- Debbie D., TT Member

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